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The history of the Stella Maris dates back to the mid-1950s. A time when tough guys were looking for great adventures on the high seas. When ships were staffed by highly skilled crews of deckhands, seamen, a cook, boatswains, officers, engineers, and, of course, the captain. When each crew was made up of more than twenty “real men” and every harbour was a home with at least one girl waiting. Indeed, this is the origin of our Stella Maris. It used to be one of the first destinations during the shore leave after a seemingly endless journey on sea, marked by sweat, hard work, and hardship. Every sailor was somehow at home here: they met old and new friends, took care of necessary minor errands, spun yarns, or invested the fruit of their hard labour in wine, women, and song – or rather: rum, Reeperbahn, and merriment – until the next steamship called them back to duty with its roaring foghorn. 

That is the kind of home we wish to be for you – just like the sailors’ home of yore. We want to offer you a traditional home for your shore leave and a point of departure for countless experiences and encounters, new friends, a wealth of unforgettable
impressions, and a taste of all the beautiful things that make Hamburg unique.